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Over the last year and a half through intensive reading, I have learned much about our modern industrial agriculture system. The milk industry operates in the dark as far as the detrimental health issues documented through research, the levels of pollution from urine and feces runoff, the spilled pharmaceuticals into our water and soil, the contribution to green house gases and the animal torture it perpetrates on 10 MILLION dairy cows in the U.S. alone. I can't remember where I read this but someone pointed out that when there is evil in the world, the perpetrators make sure they operate where you cannot see them-or something to that effect. I can promise you that when you finish this book that you will never see dairy and the industry the same way and you will gain insight as to why the industry has politicians introducing ag-gag laws in order to prevent the public from seeing the truth (same for the meat industry). I am so truly overwhelmed by what I read that even trying to write a cohesive review is next to impossible for the sheer emotion this book engendered. Much of it was not new information to me, but Joseph Keon has put so much information into a very readable book that it was like having a lens finally come into focus.
Most of this book is centered on the health effects of drinking milk - well documented and footnoted sources can verify the incredible body of evidence to connect milk to many otherwise avoidable problems.

As I read this book I thought about my own grown children and the illnesses they endured when school age described exactly in these pages- multiple surgeries for ear tubes/infections, antibiotics administered, tonsillectomies/adenoidectomies, acne, one enduring a colonoscopy at 8 years of age without one doctor EVER telling me that milk could be the allergen causing their problems. The only connection was one child with projectile vomiting that was recommended I switch to soy while an infant- but no other warnings for future exposures or any discussion about the dangers of milk in children. (And how sad I am that I did not breastfeed my first two!) With knowledge, I could have taken milk out of the diet to see if they improved, but the industry spends millions on their propaganda. All of these things are described in this book plus so many more - one of the most striking is the growing body of evidence that exposure to cow's milk by young infants likely induces Juvenile Diabetes in susceptible children. Parents, unless they should stumble upon this book, would never know these risks and they would never expose their children to the risks of feeding them cow's milk. The dairy industry wants you smiling over your ice cream cone, not being grossed out hearing you are drinking pus. Many races of people have no tolerance for milk, yet oftentimes the product is forced on them. Our government protects this industry with massive price supports!
If you don't believe the author and his well-documented research, then you should at least be outraged and appalled by what most dairy cows endure - constant artificial insemination, standing in cement stalls all day long with electrical probes to milk them that often shock them, gigantic udders, frequent infections, how their calves are taken away at birth and if females, they will endure the same cement stalls and constant pregnancy until they die a young age and are sent to slaughter. Male calves are taken immediately for veal where they are kept in a crate for 14-17 weeks that will prevent them from moving and their diet is meant to deprive the males of iron. There is more: tails chopped (docking) done with blunt instruments (now banned in CA.)and most receive nothing for the pain. Teats that are sometimes lopped off in the same manner because extra ones often appear and since that doesn't fit the apparatus for milking - off they go. There is more of course. Many dairies contain thousands and thousands of cows. The few news reports we receive on cows in dairies have to warn us of the footage and some is so bad it cannot be shown.
As human beings we owe it to ourselves to challenge the way we think sometimes because there are still snake-oil salesmen just like in days of old. Now they are multi-billion dollar industries with huge advertising budgets to show you smiling happy cows in green pastures. They don't tell you that they throw away milk in surplus, that there are no such things as milk shortages, that you are drinking much more than milk, and that the industry is a major polluter, yet they get price supports and millions upon millions from our government! (In 1991 the government spent $757 Mill. buying up surplus!) I was blown away to learn that cows 50 years ago produced about 2,000 lbs of milk a year and now due to their cruel practices, they produce 50,000+ lbs. of milk now. Milk that may very well may us sick, depletes natural resources, pollutes the environment, creates green house gases, costs the government billions and perpetrates cruelty to animals beyond what you ever imagined, this is the reality behind that summer ice cream cone. Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. A must read. Every expectant parent should have this book.

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