10X Rule The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

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1. Have a can-do attitude (solutions, positive, belief, actions)
2. Believe that I will figure it out (either you or find someone else)
3. Focus on opportunities (problems solved = good)
4. Love challenges (success begets more success, fuel, stimulation)
5. Seek to solve problems (bigger the better)
6. Persist until successful (important, develop, what are you made of)
7. Take risk (put something on the line, gamble, criticised, don't play safe)
8. Be unreasonable (act without reason, not agreed upon realities)
9. Be dangerous (being safe is dangerous, massive action is needed)
10. Create wealth (money is abundant, create products, services, solutions)
11. Readily take action (rarely do nothing, consistent high levels of action)
12. Always say yes (> possibilities, positive, never say no unless I have to)
13. Habitually commit (put it on the line, all in, don't try - do)
14. Go all the way (no half measures, rewards success, don't be reasonable)
15. Focus on now (don't put off, immediate, momentum, confidence)
16. Be courageous (don't give into your fears, everyone has them)
17. Embrace change (what is coming next, advantage, adapt)
18. Determined to make the right choice (work hard but work smart)
19. Break traditional ideas (Google, don't follow - create, forward thinking)
20. Be goal oriented (target - not problem, your personal goals, write down)
21. Be on a mission (think big, be on a mission, zealous, change world)
22. Have a high level of motivation (enthusiasm, purpose, mission, drive)
23. Be interested in results (not time, results are all that matter)
24. Big goals, big dreams (not realistic, out of reach, spread yourself, radical)
25. Create your own reality (produce your dream, create what you want)
26. Commit first figure out later (don't pass opportunity, be scared, push)
27. Be highly ethical (everything within your power to succeed)
28. Be interested in the group (you will be dragged down, self-serving)
29. Be dedicated to continuous learning (Top CEOs read 60 books a year, the average employee reads 1. That's why their income is 319x the average employee).
30. Be uncomfortable (willing, discomfort is an indicator of progress)
31. Reach up in relationships (smarter, creative people, more to share)
32. Be disciplined (constructive habits, form habits, part of you)

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