11 Cerulean Sins (Anita Blake #11) – Laurell K. Hamilton

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A must for all Hamilton fans!

After reading the whole series i couldnt believe that the last was still as good as the first. I loved this book as it concentrated more on the vampire politics and introduced Belle Morte, and her brand of malevolance into the series, should make the next book a little more interesting as we are allowed to delve more into the council and its strange brand of politics.

It allows us to get past the "anita and Richard" part of the book as richard features very little in this book. However who knows for the future, as we see our heroine jump from lover to lover the door has certainly been left open for Richard. This book also see the development of the mica and asher characters which is interesting in itself.

What was also unique is in this book we get to see a little more of jean claude - her vampire lover- and how he was made, and how he became as powerful, and as sexy, as he is currently.We for the first time are allowed to feel sympathy as some of the past experiance he had at 'court' come to light.

One of the reasons i loved this book is because at the end there were just as many questions as answers.It has to be said out of all of this 'vampire hunter series' the ending of this book was perhaps the most open ended, I cant have been the only one who expected a few more questions answered but then again that is what makes this as a series so compelling.

I really cant wait for the next book to see how anita's relationships turn out. What wil happen betweeen richard, jean claude, asher and mica... who knows we may even get a glimpse of the now domesticated- well partly- edward.

Read this book it really isnt a dissappointment!

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