34 bubblegum and candies

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"A condition that my mom put forward when she got me a membership in local library years back was 'no book lending during weekdays'. That was because those days I used to spend long hours reading and not even hunger could distract me once I started with a book. The people who made me do it were Enid Blyton, Mary Higgins Clark, the authors of The Chicken Soup Stories etc.

Years passed and after two years of slogging in a software firm, I ended up taking as much as a whole month to complete a book. I began spending more time in front of the PC and TV instead.

But last week, I found myself back in that old habit. I sat down to read a book and sat there till I finished it, getting up in between only when B said that he was starving. He told me that, at last, he was happy to get a Sunday off, without anyone to pester him .

And the credit for all this goes to Preeti Shenoy for her wonderful book "34 bubblegums and candies" .

Some months back, I found a group by the same name while I was blog hopping and thought " Whatever it's about, it has to be something real cool". When I came to know that '34 Bubblegums and Candies' was a book, I joined it without thinking twice. 'What could come in a package with such a sweet and different name' (I ain't seen many people creating that kind of a magic with the title itself).

After Chetan Bhagat, Thushar Raheja and Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, I'd almost reached the conclusion that Indian writing was starting to follow a similar style when Preeti came in with her Bubblegums and Candies. She talks to us about those little things in life that we always come across in our lives through 34 meaningful stories. Like she'd promised I relished every one of them. I found more Candies than Bubble gums though .

Love, Hope, Humour It has everything in it. And unlike those complicated stories with messages which leave you thinking "Now what exactly did the author mean by saying that", Preeti's book brings you great messages in a way that is clear to all. Moreover, I found it very easy to relate to incidents narrated in it.

And this is one book that left me with a happy feel, I.e like after a fairy tale where everything ends happily ever after. (About the others I've been reading lately :How happy can I get after I reading a story where the heroine gets 2 to 3 divorces before she actually settles down with her dream man )

So, on the whole, I think Preeti rocks!!

I would love to go on and on about this book, but it would be more fun to read the book to know more about it.

Even though this little thing that I wrote does not qualify as a review, I assure you that it is straight from heart. Those of you who ain't got their copies yet, I'd suggest you run to the nearest bookstore ASAP before they are sold out.

So, for some love, hope and other such delicacies, there's '34 Bubblegums and Candies' for you Grab a copy and Happy reading!!"

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