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Dan explores this question over and over: What if you were "allowed" to do what you most enjoyed every day

Millionaires who love what they do and they certainly didn't start out as millionaires. They started out doing what they love to do. :) (That is my conclusion ;)).

"Few obstacles exist beyond those in our mind and even though not all change is positive growth but all growth requires change - change is predictable and inevitable, impersonal and relentless."
From the book.

The concepts are very VERY inspiring and true - Having left my lucrative, work-from-home, 6-figure-income easy job and all its perks and benefits behind because I was bored out of my mind and could not stand the bureaucracy and the hypocrisy, I can SO relate to every word of this book. God bless entrepreneurship, and if I can do it, oh so can ANYONE.

Love the concepts and the quotes and the stories explored in this book. Some of my favorites:

1. Everyone lives on the threshold of job obsolescence and the threshold of opportunity. Guard against letting setbacks embitter you.

2. Miller's story about the "grace of interruption" - the lady who was laid off - and the refreshing pause is a new focus, a force for change .....

3. I loved that he said you cannot have a clear plan and a goal for the future AND be depressed. It just doesn't happen!

4. The most common mistake people make in choosing a career is doing something simply because they are good at it. - Dan Miller

5. If you know where you are going, you can respond to priorities rather than circumstances - Dan Miller

6. Your work should be to plan your work around your life, rather than planning your life around your work.

7. "The wheel of my life" - outer most: my legacy - one layer in: fulfillment of purpose, mission, destiny, calling.

8. The top characteristics of high achievers: the speed of implementation.

9. And there, caught between exciting dreams and the fear of failure, boring career paths are born. - dan miller.

10. Don't choose just the safe path and be done with it.

11. He offers a practical step by step advice on how to get a job, an interview, get your resume out there, write it up, connect with others,

You will learn so much from reading this book - from salary negotiation, looking for a job the RIGHT way, understanding how to go about seeking something that you can really love and connect with, and practical skills infused with a lot of inspiration. Miller isn't saying that we should all go out there and become self-employed superstars - although I highly recommend it for the brilliant ones out there and well, most if not all of you are brilliant but the corporate numbness has probably quieted that genius....

He is however insisting that you do work that you love, and he gives you the roadmap to find it in 48 days.

I highly recommend this book.

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