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I've been reading a bunch of Davidson's books over the past few months, because i just discovered one of his blogs - http://www.breathingspaceblog.com and found a lot of the tips on there to be very practical/helpful/relevenat to everyday life, so it inspired me to pick up some of his books (by pick up i mean order of Amazon of course). I'm known to be a procrastinator and someone who waits til the last second to get goign with my day or with whatever project im working on,etc, so i didn't really want to read this book at first because i had a feeling it would make me feel guilty about my procrastinating ways. but as it turns out, this book really offered a TON of advice on how to just manage my time better in general, and really motivated me to overcome my poor time management/project management and focus on getting more accomplished each day. I've been knockign things offf my to-do list like crazy the last few weeks since i finished this book. it's encouraging but not just that, it offers tips and techniques that you can start using right away and that will actually make a difference in how you function and how much you get done each day. Realy, even if you think you're already a good manager of your time or a "self-starter", this book is worth reading thru!! 5 stars, highly recommend.

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