A Brief History of Misogyny by Jack Holland

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Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice by Jack Holland

"Misogyny" is a powerful and riveting book about the cruel and crude history of misogyny. The late Jack Holland delivers an important book, an eye-opening book that at times is very uncomfortable to read but the knowledge is appreciated. This 320-page book is composed of the following nine chapters: 1. Pandora's Daughters, 2. Women at the Gates: Misogyny in Ancient Rome, 3. Divine Intervention: Misogyny and the Rise of Christianity, 4. From Queen of Heaven to Devil Woman, 5. O Brave New World: Literature, Misogyny and the Rise of Modernity, 6. Victorians' Secrets, 7. Misogyny in the Age of Supermen, 8. Body Politics, and 9. In Conclusion: Making Sense of Misogyny.

1. Passionate prose. The late Mr. Holland pulls no punches.
2. Well-written and well researched.
3. The fascinating topic of misogyny in the hands of a master.
4. Takes you on a ride that covers the globe and time.
5. A heartfelt introduction from author's daughter.
6. The book grabs and doesn't let you go. At times jaw-dropping, at times horrifying but never boring.
7. How the rise of Greece and Rome laid the foundation for misogyny.
8. A recurring theme, how woman's supposed weakness is responsible for all subsequent human suffering, misery and death. The Fall of Man
9. The similarities and differences between slavery and misogyny.
10. So much interesting history packed into three-hundred pages.
11. The influence of Platothe Theory of Forms as the basis for the Christian doctrine of Original Sin.
12. Aristotle as one of the most ferocious misogynists of all time.
13. Some of the most amusing anecdotes you will ever read. Aristotle once stated that women had fewer teeth than men, Bertrand Russell's comment, "Aristotle would never have made this mistake if he had allowed his wife to open her mouth once in a while".
14. Some ancient customs (and current ones for that matter) will blow your mind. The custom of allowing male babies to live over female. WT
15. The history of some prominent Roman women.
16. Cleopatraalways a riveting read.
17. This book really does a good job of expressing the hang-ups of men throughout history.
18. The basis of Christian misogyny in its entire splendor.
19. I can't tell you how many jaw-dropping moments I had reading this book.
20. The history of Christian apologetics and misogyny: Tertullian, Aquinas, St. Paul, Origen, St. Augustine, etcsome of the philosophy of Tertullian is just utter ridiculous.
21. HypatiaBTW, I highly recommend Agora, the movie about Hypatia played beautifully by Rachel Weisz.
22. The history of the Catholic Church and misogyny. Oh my G
23. One of the most horrifying accounts of cruelty, witch hunts! Witchcraft and demonic sex.
24. The Enlightenment meets the Dark Ages.
25. The history of religious upheavals. Martin Luther makes his presence felt.
26. Great quotes. "If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves" Mary Astell.
27. In short, the basic attitude of Christianity towards sex was that it was a shameful act. Shame on them.
28. The Enlightenment and sex.
29. Eastern religions and sexuality.
30. Great wisdom, "Perhaps poverty doesn't create misogyny, but experience suggests that it tends to reinforce it". So true.
31. Evil is never be complete until Hitler is mentioned. Nazism and misogyny.
32. The cruelty of North Korea toward women. Appalling!
33. Many examples of nationalist, religious-based misogyny throughout book.
34. Rape as war crimes.
35. Women and abortions. Some of the best material on this sensitive topic. Great stuff!
36. What do Hitler, Stalin and Mao have in common A woman's right to choose, a fundamental aspect of her autonomy, must be crushed in order to achieve what they have deemed a "higher" religious, moral or social goal". Wow.
37. Misogyny from the Taliban.
38. The eye-opening fact, "Women still own less than 1 percent of the world's property. Just wrong!
39. Great book suggestions. Comprehensive notes section.

1. Links did not work.
2. Some of the crude tortures illustrated in this book may be a bit much for some. Very troubling accounts.

In summary, "Misogyny" is a must read. All truth be known, I haven't read a lot about this topic and my newfound fascination for it may have biased my review. Be that as it may, I found the topic not only fascinating but also enlightening. I highly recommend this book.

Further recommendation: "The Blank Slate" by Steven Pinker, and "Man Made God" by Barbara G. Walker.

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