A Certain Light A Memoir of Family, Loss and Hope

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Finished A Certain Light by Cynthia Banham last night. I met Cynthia when she returned to Canberra in 2008 when I was adjusting to my own altered life soon after a Spinal Cord Injury in 2007. She is a very likeable, determined person and we've spoken a few times over the years. This book covers not only her story but also her family's going back a few generations and she talks about the forgotten Italian forced labourers in World War 2, one of whom was her Grandfather. There is a lot of love in this book and that is the light that her story is told through. I've read a few memoirs this year and this one is up with Magda Szubanski's Reckoning and Richard Fidler's Ghost Empire. Highly recommend it. If you only come away from reading it with half of what I got from it then you won't be disappointed.

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