A History of the Amish

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Ninety percent of what you may hear about the Amish is wrong, and eighty-four percent of the statistics that people use in argument are made up by the person quoting the statistic, as I have here. Nevertheless, most of what I have heard people say about the Amish has proven to be wrong. I was listening to a radio show the other day and, despite the fact that the Amish were the topic of the radio show, the host didn't bother to learn the first thing about them, nor did anyone who called in to the show in order to give their erroneous interpretation of a group of people they knew nothing about.

"A History of the Amish", as its name implies, is focused on the history of the Amish, rather than an interpretation of their beliefs and customs, but there is much of that there, as well. Steven M. Nolt, the author, does a splendid job of it, looking at the Amish objectively, rather than as a freak show.

There are other books on the subject that are more in depth, the best of which are authored by Donald B. Kraybill, and many others, but "A History of the Amish" is a good start. Those who desire to develop an understanding of the Amish won't be led astray. It will give you a basic understanding of how the Amish came to be what they are, and that's a good start.

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