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I read quite a few of these kinds of books and mostly they are at best only somewhat helpful. This book was far beyond merely helpful, it was inspirational. After listening to this on audio, I am now trying to decide whether to buy it in Kindle or as a hard copy in order to grab the quotes and questions I loved most. The first two chapters were enthralling to me because they centered on education. How can we set our children and students free to ask questions It is certainly not by presenting education as a way to find the "right" fill-in-the-blank answers. The rest of the book was slower but still inspiring. Some people complain that the book is too anecdotal; I think this is the perfect book for anecdotes.

If you are involved in education, especially classical education, then you are going to want to read this. If you follow Charlotte Mason ideals then you are going to love this book; questions, processing, and synthesis are all here.

We have all heard of gratitude journals, they have almost become trite with over use, but what about starting a question journal If you need a few questions to get started this book has them.

I will be reading this again and listening to it again, too. Highly recommended!

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