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My Heart is on the Ground tells the story of a young Sioux girl, Nannie Little Rose, who is uprooted from her home, taken away from her family, and placed into the Carlisle Indian school where she is stripped from her culture and her identity. Nannie Little Rose tells about children of her age and culture who were being "americanized" and placed into schools where children were no longer allowed to speak their native language, wear their native dress, and were forced to change their names. These children lost their identities. When they were finally palced back into their homes, it was if they didn't know how to be a part of their once functional family. I enjoyed this book because it was told from the perspective of a young girl, Nannie Little Rose. It was sad to hear such a young person tell accounts of this history. I would suggest children between 4th and 6th grade read this book. I think that younger girls would enjoy this story more than boys because it was told from a young girl's perspective. This book would serve as a purposeful history lesson.

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