a woman’s guide to success

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Let me be honest here: what Chellie said in her book isn't anything new if you're used to reading similar self-help books. But it's great to have someone like her to remind us over and over again. In addition to that, I love how she outlines the process of setting the amount of income you need to have the life that you want. Again, what she said seems nothing new to some people. But I like her approach because her approach is more realistic and fits someone like me who also owns a business.

I also love how she outlines her process of using a phone call for selling high-ticket items. It's not applicable to me since I'm not selling any high-ticket items. So, it can be useful for someone who is selling high ticket items like a consultation, workshop, etc.

Overall, this book is more than just wisdom about wealth. It also provides a practical approach on you can stop worrying about making money and start creating a life that you want.

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