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There are so many reasons to read this book.
- The Lady in Gold is a must read for anyone who loves Klimt or Belle-epoque Vienna.
- It should be required reading for any art student (or art lover).
- It carries the flame of remembrance of the Holocaust in a profoundly moving way.
- It captures the interplay between those who have felt the weight of the collective guilt of the German people
and those who would deny it or trivialize it. (It reminds me of the New German Film of the 1970s) It also raises the spectre of Austrian and Croatian complicity in important ways.
- The role the US Supreme Court plays in the story of Adele I restitution is a moment of pride for American idealism.
- Anyone interested in International law will also find this intriguing, in a light way.
-O'Connor also captures the insanity of the art auction world, and the impact on family of money, war and remembrance.

I caution you, this is not an easy book to read -- it is painful at times, and the story is convoluted, with as many players as a Tolstoi novel. The style is subtle -straightforward and understated. Yet, it is the sort of book that impacts the soul and lingers.

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