Aditi Khorana – The Library of Fates

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The world needs more things like this, simple, beautiful, and amazing.

"The world is alive with mysteries, and that in order to understand them, one must first learn to be still, to listen, and the world will unveil itself to you, as though it was waiting to do so all along."

"I don't believe that anyone is more powerful than anyone else. I believe that anyone can change. I believe there are mysteries built over even more powerful mysteries, and it takes lifetimes to unearth them."

Think this is one of the most underrated books in existence. I simply cannot fathom how more people haven't picked it up. Seriously, right now I don't care who you are, if you like a good story pick this book up, I can't guarantee you'll love it as much as I do, but there's a really good chance you will, and who knows you might pick something up along the way.

The protagonist is perfect for the world and allows us to see as much of it as possible. I'm not going to tell you about the plot because you really don't need to know anything to start reading.If you ask me, start reading the book without reading the blurb, like I did. The mythological aspect of this book is so amazing because while the book is sort of directly involved with its own unique mythology, the myths are also being told to us in the form of stories being narrated to us by either the protagonist or a supporting character which form the basis the to literally everything.

Writing like this is extremely hard to come by, descriptive, magical, and enticing, it will put you in a trance. I can't get over how many stories are within this one book. We are reading a book through the perspective of one girl who changes her entire world, but along the way we learn so much more about the past, the present and the future, each in a different way. The book itself starts with The Parable of The Land of The Trees, which gives a glimpse into the making of this world and I was floored the second I was twenty words into it.

Nearly everything about this book is unique to itself in its own way. The background of the book, which is the mythology, is regarding the Vetalas and the Diviners, who are believed to be the first people to have existed on Earth. The descendents of the Diviners are Oracles who can see into the future. The Vetalas are believed to be immortal and were feared because they could only walk the face of the earth if they inhabited a human body.

I am completely addicted to this book, I started reading and couldn't stop till I finished and now I'm disappointed because it is over. Story of a reader's life. The characters are perfect. The protagonist is amazing. The plot is simple but terrific. The fantasy is beautiful. The writing is not of this world. The book is pretty short only about 300 pages, it is a quick, mind-blowing read and I sincerely hope you enjoy it. And if you do enjoy it recommend it to other readers because I truly believe this book need more recognition.

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