Adventures in Memory

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A wonderfully clear and compassionate overview of memory science, an area I had almost no prior knowledge about. Some of of my favourite facts:

- Mammal brains contain 'grid cells', which create a hexagonal co-ordinate map of the world around us.
- The brain uses almost the same regions when imagining the future as remembering the past- the 'default mode network'. This 'mental time travel' is something that helps us solve problems by imagining future scenarios using past experiences.
- Some people suffer from a lack of autobiographical memories, meaning they remember facts about themselves but can't relive the emotions or sensations of their past experiences.

I loved the style of the two sister authors, who seemed to perfectly complement each other's areas of skill. The addition of a novelists eye for characters and story was perfect in a book about memory, which as they argue in the book is largely composed of stories we reconstruct about ourselves.

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