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Set in 1859 Russia - Happy ever after is the tale of a young twenty-ish girl Marya suffering from depression at the loss of her parents - her dull way of existence is broken when an old of her father's Sergei visit - he inflicts her with his overtly gay attitude and made her feel this thing they call 'Wild Delight' . In the process they fall in love.

Tolstoy explores deeply into the trials faced by age difference in marriage - Sergei and Marya's relationship was at first unqualified to be truly called love but as they spend more and more time together reading books, taking walks in the garden and talking - Sergei encouraging her to practice more music, they inevitably fall into hopeless love . Marya has never been happier in her life - Sergei has made her see life in general in different light, she finds happiness in normal things people overlook and was contended with a simplistic life which is the kind of life Sergei lives.

They soon decide to marry and forgetting the difference in age and all - Marya moves to Sergei's house in the country where they proceed to live a simple life with Sergei's mother - the first few months was full of tender extravagance and happiness for the young couple but maybe there was too much happiness as Marya begins to feel undeserving of such happiness - perhaps it was the boredom, the repeating daily activities or the lack of change in scenery. Sergei notices her depression and proposes a visit into the city, on this trip into the city Marya is exposed to a world of galas and balls and soiree's that she soon gets addicted to and the fact that she was getting attention from both male and female in kind didn't help the fact. Sergei becomes unsociable and is craving that easy life once again.

The tipping point in their relationship is when they were supposed to leave the city but Marya has been invited to a soiree by a young prince who wants to be introduced to her. This drives a rift into their relationship, Marya goes to the soiree not after they had a heated conversation that leaves a wide gash in both their hearts. In years to come the couple sire kids and Sergei is usually left to care for them whilst Marya was off to her splendid parties. She later falls out of the spell but the damage was done and even though Marya and Sergei learn to love each other again it was the same again. On a trip to where it all started again; Marya's childhood home - they learn to love themselves again and most importantly their children. It indeed is a happy ever after story

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