Agent in Place

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Wow so much action and intense situations! 4.5 Stars - discounted due to excessive length
I think what I love the most about spy thrillers is the continuous action. There is never a dull moment. Never a time where you say to yourself, "Is it over yet"

This book kicks off with an amazing story and an intricate plot that leaves you breathless. The author keeps ramping up the suspense and the twists to the story every time you turn the page.

From Europe to Syria and points in-between, many players come into this thrilling read. I thought I would have a hard time keeping track of everyone, but the amazing talents of this author weaves a story so captivating and detailed that you think you are right there with the characters each step of the way. In fact, the story is so believable that you have to wonder if this story is fiction or yanked from the pages of current events.

There is a reason the Gray Man is a highly sought after contract professional killer. He is a brilliant, top notch operative that is simply a fabulously developed character. Never a dull moment, you will always be guessing about what he will do next.

In fact, never mind that last statement. There is not enough time to think about what he will be doing. You just have to read as fast as possible. This book is huge so make sure to plan your reading!

Mark Greaney has made an impact with this series and Agent in Place. Imaginative and so very knowledgeable in the game of espionage, you will be come addicted to his writing, just like me!

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