Alice Schroeder

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The snowball gives a sneak preview look into the life of the greatest investor in Universe (Yes, he can beat Mars folks too). The biography tells his nature, his characteristics, his habits and so many other things about him. If you want to read this book to get some tips to become billionaire, or some stock tips, then this might not be the right book. The snowball doesn't give any tips or tricks; it just presents the incidents in Warren's life and how he reacted to them. Everything is left for your interpretation so you will get lots of good points for introspection.
Book presents Warren's thought process by introducing concept like Inner scorecard, bathtub memory, value of reputation. Buffett threw newspapers in his neighborhood as a child, handicapped in race course, had stage fright but he conquered all odds by sheer perseverance and his grit. Anyone would have recommended a book on Warren Buffett so am not doing you a favor by recommending this. Go and grab your copy. And read it twice. Enjoy reading!!

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