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I haven been looking forward to reading this book ever since the Author started posting pictures of the of the museums she was visiting to research this book. I feel in love with all of the posts by Janice Thompson and could not wait for this book to come out. She did not disappoint!
The story sort of reminded me of the Prince and the Pauper...not quite it would have to be the Princess.
The rich girl...Jacqueline Abingdon sets out to deceive her family, a world wide set of events are about to happen. She is so enamored with Peter Bowen, she will do anything to be his wife.
Peter has a sister that he wants to help...her father is a cruel sick man. He takes everything that goes wrong out on his daughter Tessa.
When Jacquie's Mother sets out to deceive her husband who has arranged a marriage for their daughter. She contacts her Mother in New York, and again the seeds of fate are set. What her Mother doesn't know is that Jacquie is about to deceive her Fiance, Father, and Mother.
Jacquie convinces Tessa to be her and teaches her to be an Heiress, she even has her Ladies Maid Iris in on the plot. What none of them knows is that the ship Tessa and Iris will be traveling on is the Titanic.
Of course we all know what happens on that voyage, but you almost forget and hope not. Impossible to change history, but what a fun ride we have, of course there is a lot of we know. Now that we know these people personally it is even harder.
Don't miss this excellent fast read. I could not put it down, and finished in less than a day. Enjoy!!

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