an illustrated brief history of Western philosophy

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I'm ashamed to say it took me over a decade after buying this book to actually read it. Perhaps specialists and philosophy buffs will have other opinions, but for the uninitiated this book does exactly what you want it to do. This is not simply a chronology of famous names and dates or a series of biographical notes; it is very much a history of the ideas themselves, told in an objective, concise and, occasionally, witty manner. The examination is critical at times, not in the negative layman's sense but in the sense that it hints at some of the vulnerabilities and counterpoints that have or may be offered against the ideas presented. While it won't make you an expert on anything, obviously, I found that it did give me a platform and the confidence I was looking for to go on to read more on the subject. At the very least, the book will make you conversant on the bigger topics. It should be noted that there is very little 20th century philosophy beyond Russel and Wittgenstein and almost nothing on American philosophy (a revised edition would be a good idea), but that is a minor quibble.

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