Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World of food

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at the begining of the book andrew zimmern as a small boy goes around the world with his dad. he eats at different countrys and his dad travels lots of places. when he gets older he keeps on going he travels many different places. eventualy he has been everywhere. he still has not ate everything. he recaps in this book about some of his strangest encounters. such as getting offered digested food from a cows stomach. he also tells about his adventures in travelling. he says that with each travel a new danger pops up. in his travel to indonesia he was threatened in the airport if he had medicine he would get shot. he says this is just one of the many threats he has had. he also tells in the end about going around america and finding weird food right here. in the very end he raps up the book with his signature saying if it looks good eat it.

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