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I obviously loved this book-because I wrote it! But I hope that you will as well. It is the first real "how to" book that covers angel investing as a professional alternative asset class, walking prospective angels (and the entrepreneurs who seek investments from them) through the entire angel process: identifying companies, evaluating entrepreneurs, negotiating term sheets, adding value to portfolio companies, helping with exits, and everything else in between.

The book is based on over a decade of my own investing into more than 90 startups, with exits to Amazon, Facebook, Intel, Google, CBS, Kodak and other big name companies. In that time I've heard thousands of pitches, co-invested with hundreds of other early stage investors, founded the nation's most active angel group, and developed the global platform for the organized angel investing industry. During this period I've seen angel investing morph from a hobby of the rich and famous, to a serious investing alternative for the "mass affluent", and my goal with the book is to help others assimilate many of the lessons that it's taken me a long, hard path to learn.

If you're considering getting this book, let me give you a few links that will tell you a bit more about it:

Here is where you can order the book online
Here's where you can pick it up in person"
A free digital interactive sampler of the book
The interactive sampler in cool iPhone app
A big article from the New York Times about it
A FOXBusiness interview of me discussing the book

If you have any questions, whether about the book or about angel investing in general, I'll be happy to try to answer them!

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