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In print for nearly two decades, The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need truly stands up to its title. However, should you plan to make a career as an astrologer you will, of course, need further study. Beginning with the Sun signs and moving on through the remaining planets, as well as more obscure influences such as the Ascendant, Moon signs, Decanates and Cusps of each sign, the book is well thought out and the information presented in a logical and orderly manner In addition the author explains the steps necessary to erect a chart in simple terms.

Without including any un-necessary information Woolfolk includes everything that you need to get a decent idea of what each element in your chart means and provides an accurate method of putting all this information together in an easy to understand format. In addition, she describes a method of comparing one's chart to that of another, called Synastry, in order to determine their level of compatibility with one another.
Had the author stopped at this point, the book would still be an invaluable tool in and of its self; however Woolfolk has also included a plethora of miscellaneous information not found in other books on astrology including a detailed analysis of the amorous nature of each sign by gender, as well as advice on seducing an individual based on his or her Sun Sign. There's an entire chapter devoted to maintaining good health, with advice regarding a proper diet and a few words about each sign's erogenous zones.

For those who enjoy a little science to balance their magic, the book contains detailed astronomical information regarding each of the planets, as well as their mythological history and correspondences. In addition, the author has included the legend behind each of the signs of the zodiac, as well as a brief history of astrology and a comprehensive dictionary of terms. The charts in the back of the book which indicate in which sign each of the planets are in the zodiac through to the year 2025 also doubles as an almanac, an invaluable tool for Wiccans and Pagans who observe astrological hours in the timing of the spells and rituals.

Over all, The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need is a very good introduction to the topic of Astrology and contains all the basics needed to familiarize yourself with the principles of Astrology and get you started on erecting your own chart and understanding exactly what it means. That being said, should you decide to advance in your studies the book does not address the principles behind The Nodes of the Moon, The Part of Fortune, The Asteroids, or Retrogrades. However, it is an excellent reference for the casual reader and the serious student alike.

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