Babylonia A Very Short Introduction – Trevor Bryce

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This is the second A Very Short Introduction book that I've read this year and rated fairly highly, and it may seem odd coming from a trained historian. It's true that the book is a quick and easy read, that it is more narrative than analysis, and it is far from comprehensive. But the reason I rate it highly is because the book executes the job it set out to do excellently. The publishers of A Very Short Introduction series, at least as far as I can tell from the books I've read, consistently ask experts in their field to write each entry. Trevor Bryce is well-known among the academic community as a long-standing researcher and professional in the ancient near east (particularly Anatolia and Syria). Amanda H. Podany and Karen Radner (authors of Ancient Near East: A Very Short Introduction and Ancient Assyria: A Very Short Introduction) likewise. So there's no doubt they know what they're talking about, and the material is trustworthy. The text itself is clear, easy to understand, and won't take huge amounts of time to read. It is the perfect first stop for newcomers to the subject, or as a refresher for those who've let a prior interest lapse, or even those with experience who are perhaps shifting gears or need to quickly take a step back and put things in context. So whilst by no means are these books the be all or end all on their subjects, they are genuinely useful, knowledgeable, and well-written. That, from me, earns a solid rating.

9 out of 10

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