Bad Signs

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Every once in a while a book comes along that you know, without question, you will never forget. Beautifully written, incredibly descriptive and you actually feel like you are watching a film; this is one such book. It's simply breathtaking. I actually cried so hard at the end; I felt like I was mourning a loved one; I had come to love and care for most of the characters that much.

This is an incredibly violent and gruesome story of a serial killer and it's very disturbing but the violence and cold bloodied murders are essential for the depth of the plot.

The story is mostly set in and around the 1960s. Elliot Danzinger and Clay Luckman are half brothers who, as small children, witness their mother being brutally murdered by her husband and father of one of the boys. Elliot becomes hugely protective of Clay as they're are put into a home for orphans and then later a juvenile facility for a petty crime. Fate plays a hand when an escaped convicted murderer, Earl Sheridan, takes the boys (when they are teenagers) hostage. Things take a turn for the worse and the story rockets into space in an incredible way with the pieces all fitting into the jigsaw at the end.

Detective John Cassidy, one of my very favourite characters, becomes involved in the case and sets out to investigate.

The final quarter of the book I actually couldn't read as I realised I wasn't breathing so had to walk away from it for a time, even though I was anxious to finish it.

I will never forget this incredible book. Massively recommended but be warned, as I've said above, it's very violent and disturbing.

I am coming back down to earth slowly now :-)

Orphaned by an act of senseless violence that took their mother from them, half-brothers Clarence Luckman and Elliott Danziger have been raised in state institutions, unaware of any world outside. But their lives take a sudden turn when they are seized as hostages by a convicted killer en route to death row.

Earl Sheridan is a psychopath of the worst kind, but he has the potential to change the boys’ lives for ever. As the trio set off on a frenetic escape from the law through California and Texas, the two brothers must come to terms with the ever-growing tide of violence that follows in their wake – something that forces them to make a choice about their lives, and their relationship to one another.

Will the boys manage to elude the dark star that has hung over them since their mother’s death or will they succumb to the pull of Earl Sheridan’s terrifying but exhilarating vision of the world?

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