battlefield of the mind

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Admittedly like many others here I not a big fan of televangelists, I appreciate their tremendous work in reaching to an audience that would never consider for themselves going face to face with people in a christian church. I do consider alot of their teaching as baby food in the scale of what should a believer should be eating. However coming at low point recently I began reading this book and fed upon every word.

I was surprised and taken back by Joyce Meyor's no nonense, cut and dry approach in her teaching of the true nature of spiritual warfare and the battle that is happening all the time. I was particularly convicted on a number of issues and made aware ( by the Holy Spirit ) of strongholds within me that need to be dealt with. The fact that Joyce puts herself out there by giving examples from her life and ministries of the " many times " that her battles have been lost really edifies her teaching immensely and allows a base for the reader to begin to examine themselves.

Overall I think this book will hold itself as essential reading for christians and particularly new ones in the years to come. The fact that it is already so mass produced that it can be very cheaply bought and yet so powerfully change someone's life ( by the work of the Holy Spirit ) is a testament to Joyce, it is completely grounded in scripture all the way through, my critical mind couldn't fault it while my open were being opened and my soul being fed.

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