Beat of My Own Drum A Memoir

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Oh what an awesome find in The Dollar Tree. I have always been a Sheila E. fan. She rocks! I am partial to her time with one of my most favorite entertainers...none other than "Prince."

Her story is both touching and inspiring. It was refreshing to learn about her lineage and introduction to the drums and music at the tender age of three. I loved reading about her early stints and the many influences/artists she's worked with at one time or another.

But, it was tragic to read about the childhood molestation. She also encourages others, if they are being victimized, to find a trusted adult and confide in that person. She credits her loving family, God, the power of prayer and music with helping her to come to terms with things and how to move to the beat of her own drum. Music, for her, was and is indeed great medicine.

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