Beautiful Entourage

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Stars: 4.5

Overall: Aspen has been dumped by her ex for her cousin and her father is a tyrant that doesn't want to give her the company until she finds a suitable man because he's "old school" about life. So with the help of Aspen's best friend Harper she decides to hire a male escort ( not the kind that have sex with you for money ) to act like her boyfriend and attend events and family function with her. When they first meet, both are attracted to each other, but after what Aspen went through she doesn't want a real relationship and Rhett is happy in his bachelorhood. After spending time together in front of her family and without, playing many board games and getting ice cream sundaes they start to become really close to each other. After this point Rhett attends an engagement party for her cousin and ex and that's when he decides that he is indeed in love with her and makes his move. The rest of the story is about them navigating that new relationship and Aspen dealing with her past and moving on with her future. The story was beautiful written and I can't wait to get my hands on the next one.

Pros: I loved this story and I liked that it was a different side of the escort business. I really loved Aspen and her personality. Even though she was dealing with an uncaring family and a difficult job, she kept her head high and didn't let anyone of them damper her soul. I also really loved Chase and how Rhett came up with the shadow sword for him. I just laughed throughout this whole book and that's something I really enjoy about a story. I just loved that this story was a funny, romantic and overall realistic. The characters were relatable and the side characters added the extra added stuff that the story needed.

Cons: My only cons for this story are, did she end up firing that no good brother of her and what happened to Isabella suing Rhett and his company Maybe they will be answered in future books.

Characters: Rhett & Aspen

Page Turner: Yes

Series Cont: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Category: Adults, Contemporary, Romance

Standalone. No Cliffhanger. HEA. Remaining books in the series can be read in any order.

Being a professional escort comes with its vices. To keep women from getting too clingy, stop them from dropping their panties, and silence them before they can blurt the L word, Rhett has made certain rules. He never breaks them.


1. No Kissing.
2. No Feelings.
3. And definitely, absolutely, no sex.

But when Aspen, a beautiful brunette, hires him to help repair her image to her family, things get complicated. Rhett’s never had a problem separating work from pleasure. But now work and pleasure seem to be one and the same.

Goodreads rating: 4,4 out of 5

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