Beauty Pure and Simple The Ayurvedic Approach to Beautiful Skin

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This is going to be a short review, however I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand their skin care and skin problems. Or, anyone who would like to educate themselves about skin care problems and healthy living should read this book.

I've suffered from genetic dark circles since I was small. I've also suffered from stubborn acne from the last 2 years. Literally, I've tried every natural solution and chemical solution out there like the author and never found any results. Eventually, after browsing about Ayurvedic beauty, I found this book.

Kristen Ma is the owner of her company, Pure and Simple. Throughout the book, she mentions her struggle with acne and skincare and goes into detail about every single skin problem out there. Mainly, she brings the reader into viewing their problems different after giving solid, researched, and explained advice about how to get rid of and further prevent their skin problems. It goes into a lot of Ayurvedic detail and Allopathic detail about how dermatology works. It was also a real eye opener as to how many toxic chemicals I use on a daily basis; now, I'm trying to live purely natural and utilize the tricks and tips given in this book to change my eating habits, sleeping habits, and skin care routine.

I'll update with results in about a month!

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