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The genius of this book is in the subtle delivery

Have you ever had someone try to soften the blow of bad news with a comically attempted anecdote that was both ill timed and utterly confusing
Have you ever watched it happen on YouTube and thought "what an idiot! How did he not see that coming"
Have you ever thought about how you would handle a similar situation
Have you
Have you really
Well your ideas, no mater how random, hilarious, awkward, mean, insane or graphic, if compared to a day at a McDonald's playground then in relation, this collection is mother f**king Disney World.
I pride myself on my wit and left field reasoning. Well I did...
I was not able to predict a single ending or plot twist.
This book might be the kick in the head I need when I am dealing with writers block. I hope the author has many more planned because I am going to stalk the hell out of her Facebook page hunting for little morsels of this epic writing style and it would be disappointing to find instead a bunch of cat videos and photos of food.
I would love to do a few comic collaborations with this author, if anyone knows her personally tell her to reach out to me via goodreads or Facebook if interested.
xoxo Love & Tacos Hillary Marek from Maliceon Books

Category: Humor
Language: English

Hate cute stories? Hate happy endings? Hate children? Not quite right in the head? If so, this deliciously twisted storybook is dedicated just to you.

THE COMPLETE AUDIOBOOK https://vk.com/audios-50747477?album_id=50404790

00. Introduction

01. Evie

03. Your Upstairs Neighbor Kills People

04. Kevin's First (And Last) Trip to the Zoo

05. I Said Not to Touch That

06. First Love

07. Pretty, Pretty Petal