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4.5 "Breathing was so much harder without her."

Privilege is the first book in the Renzo and Lucia duet. A contemporary mafia romance with action, suspense, passion, and romance, Bethany-Kris has crafted another unforgettable gem of goodness! Lucia Marcello, a mafia princess, has been groomed for greatness. Her parents have done everything they can to ensure that she achieves greatness in her life. Renzo Zulla, the son of a drug addict, has been fighting for his survival his entire life. Caring for his two younger siblings, Renzo will do whatever it takes to provide for them. When Lucia and Renzo meet an instant connection is forged. Although they are completely wrong for each other, when they come together nothing has felt so right. When everyone is trying to keep them apart, Renzo and Lucia must fight to find their way together.

"Trouble's name is Lucia. And he loved her to fucking death." Told in multiple POV, Privilege is a perfect forbidden romance with smoking hot steam. The action is off the chart as Lucia's mafia family is less than pleased to see their privileged princess running around town with a low life thug. The pacing of the read is off the charts due to the intensity between the characters. As the continuous push and pull between family loyalty and love continue to weigh down on Renzo and Lucia, love, life, and death is on the line. "Stroking those flames that had already been blazing out of control inside her body as his lips worked roughly against hers. Vicious and harsh, his kiss left her gasping." Overall, Privilege is an absolute must-read for mafia romance fans. Ms. Kris continues to amaze me with her complex plots and well-developed characters. I have become a complete Bethany-Kris addict and I cannot wait for more Renzo and Lucia!

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