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Your decision-making approach is probably a variation of the Benjamin Franklin method: you weigh up the pros and cons and go with the winner.

But, argue Chip and Dan Heath, this approach rarely leads to the best decisions. Using the Benjamin Franklin method can still see you fall victim to the "Four Villains of Decision Making": framing your choice in too narrow terms, seeking out information that supports your biases, being influenced by short-term emotions, and being overconfident about the future.

Their decision making method addresses those areas. It shows you how to widen your options, reality-test your assumptions, attain distance before deciding and prepare to be wrong.

The Heath brothers are up front that making better decisions does not mean you'll always make the right choice. But choosing from a wider range of options, and using less biased information to make your choice, does increase your chances of a successful decision.

Indeed, most of the time it's better to make a decision, act, and be wrong, than to dither and delay.

You make countless decisions of varying importance every day. This book gives you tools to arrive at choices that you can implement with greater certainty.

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