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Before reading this book, I had always thought of time as somehow real. But now I know it isn't. Whey you look at a distant star, you think you are seeing light millions of years old. This is only because the science, in the last hundred years or so, has told us so. But, quantum entanglement means that if I am on that distant star, and I am quantumly entangled with you, the reader, then things happen simultaneously. These two principles seem to violate each other. How can things be millions of light years apart but acting simultaneously Here is a quote from Wikipedia:

"Like Einstein, Schrödinger was dissatisfied with the concept of entanglement, because it seemed to violate the speed limit on the transmission of information implicit in the theory of relativity.[16] Einstein later famously derided entanglement as "spukhafte Fernwirkung"[17] or "spooky action at a distance.""

But, as the observer knows, they are seeing the light from the stars now, as you look at that star, in the evening, in the sky, and hear the trees rustle around you. The time is now, not millions of years ago.

It is all a very clever illusion, and we are creating it with our completely lost-from-source minds. And we believe it to be "real" and out of our control. But it is we, the observer, who are out of control.

We need to become better observers. This book helps.

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