Blessed Are the Weird A Manifesto for Creatives (13 Oct 2016, Manifesto Publishing House, Inc)

Review From User :

This is one of those life-changing books you stumble upon every once in a great while. The kind of book that not only makes you think, but actually makes you FEEL differently-about yourself, about the world, and about your purpose in it.

Full-disclosure: I have been a weirdo all my life. As an adult, I've been obsessed with personality systems in an attempt to define and explain this seemingly inexplicable "weirdness" that I've struggled with since I was old enough to get funny looks from other kids on the playground. So I've read my fair share of material on psychology, spiritual levels, and personal assessment systems. But nothing-seriously nothing-has encapsulated and gotten right to the heart of the matter for me like this book. After reading Blessed Are the Weird I not only feel like I finally "get it" but that I'm also, crazily enough, okay with it. And that's the part that makes all the difference.

This book is crazy powerful. If you're a Weird Person you will get it, deeply and instantaneously. And it will change your life.

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