Blissful Bites Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind, Body, and Planet

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The highest praise I can give a library-loan cookbook: I decided to buy myself a copy. It is just THAT good that I don't want to live without my own copy!

Morgan has a great sense - she has a macrobiotic vegan training, and her recipes reflect this with hig-quality ingredients. I made three recipes (usually my quota in order to rate a book) and all turned out great. The real people pleaser was her cole slaw recipe - and I plan to make more this summer for cookouts.

One thing that impressed me and really set this book apart was her WHOLE section devoted to sea vegetables. I was smitten. I love seaweed like nobody's business, and she provided some great recipes for the wakame, arame, kombu, dulse, and nori in my stash. Can't wait to try more!

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