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This book is a double-edged sword: On one side you have this immediate almost magical improvement in your drawing, on the other hand it's not good for long term improvement.

My first drawing after reading just a few chapters, blew my mind away. It was a self-portrait and I could not believe that I had drawn it. After all, it takes months of practice not reading of a few chapters from a book to improve drawing, right

The downside is that you only learn to copy what you see in front of you. You don't learn how to use your drawing medium, nothing much about shadows, no anatomy, no perspective. The focus of the book is on portraits (Which the author rightly says is the hardest thing for artists and the most impressive).

But once you're done with this book you must pickup some serious drawing book to improve, otherwise you will be stuck drawing nascent drawings (which you will enjoy neverthless :) )

I will definitely recommend this for those are just starting with their drawing. This book is helluva motivator! You'll see results quickly, but once done, move on!

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