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Albert Espinosa spent ten years battling cancer and lost a leg and a lung to the disease. These misfortunes have not stopped him having a zest for life which positively leaps off the pages of this book. The author gives some fascinating insights into what having cancer and looking death in the face has taught him. The most important thing is probably that death and losses of any kind are not things to be feared.

There are twenty three discoveries which the author lists and describes and then he explains his theory about the 'yellows' in everyone's life. These are people who have an impact on your life whether you spend five minutes with them or many years. At first I thought this theory was a little off the wall but then I started thinking back over my own life and realised that I have had some 'yellows' in my life who have given me insights which are still important to me many years later.

Not all the of the twenty three discoveries will resonate with everyone but the ones that gave me 'light bulb moments' were the tenth discovery - 'Don't be afraid of being the person you have become' and the sixteenth discovery - 'The difficult thing isn't accepting how you are, but how everyone else is.' When reading several of the other discoveries I found myself nodding in agreement with them.

This is such a hugely positive book and yet it doesn't gloss over the negatives. I found myself laughing and crying at times and I know I will re-read this book several times and that it will probably give me something new at every reading. If you like books which make you think then this is one for you. It isn't a self-help book - or only in the very broadest sense of the term - and it could give you welcome insights into your own life.

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