[Brian Tracy] Many Miles to Go

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Brian Tracy is a motivational speaker so I was expecting Many Miles To Go like any other self help books with loads of building up for giving away a simple life lesson. But a few pages into the book and I was so wrong with my assumption. It is a self help book with a difference.

First self help book I have read which is entertaining and fun to read. It is more of a travelogue. The author and his friends decided to travel South Africa covering 17,000 miles crossing, dangerous Sahara desert whose scorching heat had claimed many lives. Through this voyage, the author has learned many life altering lessons which imbibing in your business or other fields will definitely help you to taste success. A little change in the attitude goes a long way.

The narrative is enormously gripping, fast paced and something was happening all the time. The author has effortlessly and skillfully blended all the life lessons learned through this journey in the book. Not once those life lessons appeared to be forced into a travelogue. If you like reading travelogue then you shouldn't miss reading Many Miles To Go.

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