Bright Line Eating by Susan Peirce Thompson

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What a relief to have a neuroscientist so clearly explain that I'm not just a weak-willed person because of my weight, despite success in so many other areas of my life. My brain has been hijacked. My ever-worsening battle with my weight is mainly due to the Standard American Diet. I had no idea. The mere thought of giving up my beloved pastries practically had me breaking out in hives, which just proves the point: I'm a 10 on the susceptibility scale. This book beautifully and clearly opened my eyes to the scientific reality of sugar and flour addiction, along with strategies to make a complete life change. I have had so many yo-yos with my weight over the years that I had given up and tried to just accept myself the way I was. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson has given me hope that I can once again face the mirror and the camera without flinching, shop for sizes that I thought I would never see again, and return to the activities I had relinquished because of joint pain.

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