Brynn Kelly – Deception Island

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Release Date : May 31st 2016

Story Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Hero Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Heroine Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Heat Level ~ 3 Stars
Action Rating ~ 5 STARS!
Ending ~ 5 STARS!
Overall Rating ~ 5, Two Wounded Souls Stars!

I was in the mood for an actioned packed read and boy did I ever get it! This book was exactly what I was looking for and then some.

I was quickly pulled into this story, the action started immediately. I have to tell you, I love a story when the heroine is feisty and does a little ass kicking. Holly was also smart, brave, and strong. She definitely knew when to play dumb. Her backstory was dark, all she really wanted was to live a quiet existence alone. That was NOT what she got.

Rafe had a VERY TORTURED past. He tried very hard to forget all the dark ugly things from his past.

The story line starts off that Holly is just out of prison. She was set up to take the fall from the man she thought she loved. While in jail, she swore she would never fall for another man. She ends up being released early because she made a deal to pretend to be Laura a spoiled socialite sailing around on a yacht.

Rafe's son has been kidnapped and the only way he can get him back is to kidnap Laura and trade her back for his son. He thought it would be an easy thing, kidnapping a spoiled rich socialite. Well, was he ever surprised when this socialite was not as the easy prey he thought she would be.

These two did not trust easy. At every turn she tried to escape but Rafe was always there to catch her. The banter between these two was fun even when things were so dark. As time passed they became attracted to each other, It seemed they were constantly trying to cool off. Then as their trust grew and the bad guys were on the way, they stole a night of wild passion. I was quite surprised as I thought this one was supposed to be low on the heat. I found the love/sex scenes were HOT and SENSUAL. OK this book is not filled with sex but what was offered up I took it and went to my happy place.

These two had it rough. At every turn there was another villain trying to kill them. This book goes into very dark places and these villains were bad to the bone. The violence that accrues might not be for readers who are faint of heart.

They go through battle after battle trying to stay alive, trying to get Rafe's son. I was glued to the very last page hoping for a HEA. Did I get one, yes I did with a wonderful epilogue included.

Overall this was a great read for me. I look forwards to reading more of Brynn Kelly's books.

*I received an ARC from HQN Books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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