Buddha’s Brain Rick Hanson

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This book seemed to want to come into my life. I kept walking past it in the bookstore and it kept coming up as a recommendation on Amazon. Finally one day I broke down and bought it. I was not disappointed. In in, the authors take many of Buddha's teachings and show, through neuroscience, how they change the brain for the better. I've been meditating and studying Dharma for several years, but I still got a lot out of this book. The authors show how certain practices can rewire the brain--helping any of us--even those of us who like to think of ourselves as hopelessly depressed sots--for happiness. They weave science with advice and offer many helpful tips, visualizations and meditations along the way. My favorite chapters were toward the end when the authors teach how to blend assertiveness with compassion--in other words how to love selflessly without being a doormat and also how to be assertive without being rude or mean. The book has invigorated my practice and already changed my outlook for the better.

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