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Dan Hughes has become a veritable rock star in the world of attachment issues and traumatised children and I can see why after reading this book. It follows the story of Katie, a fictional child who is removed from her birth home after years of neglect and an incident or two of physical violence. It takes her through a few foster homes and identifies what is going wrong in each, before she lands in Jackie's, who is a trained and experienced therapeutic carer. It challenges everything you understand about children's behaviours and typical parenting styles and how they just won't work with kids like Katie.This book complements The Connected Child (Karyn Purvis), where you can see a lot of the same parenting strategies employed in very involved manner with Katie. It's confronting, but masterfully written and deep dives on the intensive work that needs to be take place to help repair these kids from their very rough starts and teach them that they are good and special and worth it.

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