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I'm sure I read this before, but many years ago. I had to rate it 5 stars when compared to what I've been giving 4 stars recently.

Complex and authentic novel centering around Sandy, the Argentinian attorney in Kindle County (Chicago) whose wife takes her life (right at the start of the book. This is really not a spoiler.)

Goes on to the intricacies of cheating various commodity exchanges. His brother-in-law (whom he really doesn't like or respect) has been accused of this and Sandy is defending him while dealing with the FBI, grand juries, etc etc etc. and more and more family members become embroiled with it all.

To his surprise, he has also become sexually involved with a divorced neighbor woman and fallen in unrequited lust with a married, pregnant legal opponent which adds to his general struggle to cope with his wife's death.

A long, very well-crafted novel. I might even go back and read the first, although once you know the "trick" in that one......

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