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I came across this book on Amazon.com as a Free book. I thought name was pretty cool and started reading it. I was her in so many ways at some points in my life. I wasn't as smart. I kept finding the The bad boys. My story was aduse during sexual moments. Some boyfriends hated the word "NO" I put up a wall gained weight and boys stayed away till my husband. He truely was my Knight in and shining armer. Or in my case Kevlar... ( He's a Marine ) I'm not very Christian atleast not like I was before I was hurt by the many people throughout my life. But This story caught my attention like a fat kid with candy lol. It was beautilful and evil at the same time! I'm glad she grew and came into herself and found an amazing guy and connected with her grandmother. I pretty much did the same with my grandmother we have a bond now that is stronger than anything. I would tell you if your reading this. READ READ READ & PASS IT ON I plan on ordering my daughter a copy when shes older. Every young woman should read this. God Bless

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