can you be happy for 100 days in a row

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This book was fantastic!

I see quite often on my feed here people talking about their anxiety, depression and feelings of sadness and hopelessness. I urge those people to give this book a try. I found it very motivating and encouraging, and instead of saying "This is how you should be" it is more of a gentle "This is how you could be". There's an enormous difference between the two as anyone with mental health issues can tell you.

Its a deceptive title, its not about being 100% happy for 100 days in a row. If it were I would have put it down and walked away. I suffer from depression and crippling anxiety, and being 100% happy for 100 days is completely unobtainable for me. Its just not going to happen because my body wont let it, however much I would like it to. I'm pretty sure people without mental illness wouldn't be able to be 100% happy all of the time. That's just asking too much out of life.

No, this book is more about finding one small thing in you day that makes you happy even if the rest of your day is a complete write off. As mine often are. It opens your mind to experiencing the good instead of focusing on the bad.

The book is a series of suggestions and prompts which I loved, because they were so simple and completely doable. Take for example, a few of my favorites;

Finish Something - finish a task you have been putting off, such as writing a letter, taking clothes to the dry cleaners, or cleaning out a drawer.
Play Catch - being together, yet apart helps to focus the mind and clear away negative thoughts
Put A Pencil Between Your Teeth - sounds weird, I know. But putting a pencil between your teeth forces your face to hold its muscles in a certain way; simulating a smile. Real or induced, a smile reduces stress by releasing feel good chemicals into your system.
Strike a Power Pose - posture has an affect on mood

I love the simplicity of these suggestions. I also love how they were all backed up by explanations, scientific evidence and studies, and plain old common sense.

If you're looking for a way to appreciate more of life's finer moments, do read this, you will be surprised by the way you can find joy in the smallest of things.

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