Can You Hear Me How to Connect with People in a Virtual World

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We don't fight like we used to.

Have you ever been in an email war A text fight Has someone ever been a jerk to you on a conference call Unlike old-school rap battles, your online disputes with colleagues never end in sick beats and mad rhymes; they only end in heartburn and passive aggressive text messages.

That's why I'm recommending "Can You Hear Me How to Connect with People in a Virtual World" by Nick Morgan.

The modern world forces us to be online. Whether we work remotely or not, technology plays a greater significance in our lives. Why does email suck so much Why is it so hard to communicate a simple idea via text Why does everybody seem so angry and stiff on a conference call

These are the questions that Dr. Morgan answers. He's a noted researcher and public speaking instructor who travels the world helping celebrities, corporate leaders and business professionals communicate more effectively. And the one problem everybody has Virtual communication. So, this book aims to help us relate to one another as humans on various technological platforms that weren't built with human beings in mind.

Dr. Morgan is an excellent writer who identifies problems and offers solutions in straightforward ways. Work on remote teams Need to communicate more effectively on Twitter Wonder why your personal brand isn't resonating with your target audience You don't have to hunt around for answers. Everything is straightforward and clear.

I also think you'll like this book because embedded in the lessons about technology are instructions on how to be a better leader and communicator. Want people to hear you Need your team to follow your instructions Maybe it's you. Time to use the technological tools at your disposal more efficiently.

So, I'm pleased to recommend "Can You Hear Me How to Connect with People in a Virtual World" as our #HRBookClub book of the month. Dr. Morgan has helped me improve my communication skills at home and with my colleagues. I know he'll help you, too.

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