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I was really impressed with this book. I am a huge fan of Dr. Amen and feel that his contributions to mental health are invaluable. Even if you've ever read any of Dr. Amen's other books, you will definitely learn something from this one as well. I was concerned that the information he provided in CYBCYB would merge together with his previous works, but that was not the case. There was new information presented in a unique way that was directly geared to brain health and physical health. After reading this book, I am definitely more aware of how my choices directly affect my brain which, in turn, alters my physical health. I am also more motivated to take care of my brain. I mean, how can I drink aspartame now that I know that there's certain probability that it is negatively affecting my moods, joints, and brain And I have always heavily used aspartame. I also put down that peanut butter containing saturated fat this morning. Have I been aware of this information before Yes, I have. However, when directly linked to my brain, somehow, I find that I suddenly become more concerned. In fact, thank you Dr. Amen, I now have brain envy!

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