chicken soup for the nurse’s soul

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I saw this book from a book sale and it immediately caught my attention for (FACT 1: I am a NURSE) and (FACT 2: I didn't know such Chicken Soup book exists). Anyway I wasn't able to read it immediately as I was about to meet some of my friends for some drinks. I was able to read the book probably about 2 weeks since it was purchased=)

Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul is a very interesting book to be read as it contains stories of nurses; the adventures, challenges, the joys and sorrows of such a noble profession. Some of the nurses who will read this book may recognize their own experience in some of the stories written as I have felt that.

This book brought smiles and tears as well on my face as it reminded me the difference we bring to our patients' lives, the endless compassion we give them, the complexity and the never ending demands of the profession.

Such an inspiring book should not only be read by nurses but other people so they may be enlightened by the inspiring real life stories of commitment and caring.

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