Clean Soups Simple- Nourishing Recipes for Health and Vitality

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Soup up your life!

Accompanied by wonderfully, colorful and artistic photography that draws you in and makes you itch to start cooking these soups really feel like they can take you away to a healthy magical place.
There's more to the many 'chicken soup' stories than meets the eye and in Clean Soups we are reminded of the nourishment that is there for the taking, the road to health.
Katz talks of watching her mother and grandmother make soups,
'creating culinary wonders in a flame-enamelled Le Creuset pot. The soups they made were magic. I have always felt better after having a cup or bowl, and I knew instinctively that soup had the power to heal.'
Well I know I love my Le Creuset pots, (so that statement won me over right away) and if your like me and am enamoured of all things soup, then this book should become a favourite on your shelf. Soups do harken back to that childhood place of comfort and well being.
There's several basic stocks, including one to help with your body's immunity.
From there the sky's the limit.
I was drawn to the Mulligatawny (one of hubby's fav's) and as I adore all pumpkin soups I am looking forward to the cooler weather and testing these out. Mind you tomato soup is as as ever a must-have standby. In our home tomato soup was the equivalent of chicken soup.
I must admit that I always find Ten Speed Press publications interesting and somewhat different, and Clean Soups is another winner.

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