Clueless in Tokyo An Explorer’s Sketchbook of Weird and Wonderful Things in Japan

Review From User :

While it's a couple more weeks until I actually make it to Japan to test and confirm the accuracy of all this, my sense is that she's right on. because she's written as an American who has lived in Tokyo a long time and knows how Westerners will view and perceive all of Japan's intricacies.

The sketchbook style is PERFECT for this, it's not weighted down by too many words, it's visually pleasing, and she's categorized things in a way that helps the learner like myself realize what's connected and what's not connected to each other. Like, oh, is that flag something that has to do with a festival, or is it something the restaurant would always have hanging

Examples like that are useful and I'm considering taking the book with me on the trip!

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